When is it appropriate to send your client a handwritten card or gift?

Since the launch of our online gifting business, we’ve helped a number of companies with their corporate gifting strategy. The number one question our customers ask is “When is it most appropriate to send clients or employees a gift or handwritten card?”

Answer: When they least expect it.

The holiday season is ironically the least effective time to give a gift or send a handwritten card. However, if you take the time to appreciate your clients when they least expect it, you’re more likely to stand out in a big way. Be grateful and thankful year round!

Our website,, helps businesses be more thoughtful, at scale. With a highly curated selection of products, one can easily find the perfect gift for any occasion or personality type; from new parents to retirees! Each package is thoughtfully wrapped for FREE with kraft paper, a bow made of twine, vintage postage and a wax seal.

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Plus, with the option to include a handwritten card for only $5, Oparix has become the most convenient way to show people just how much you care.

You don’t even need a shipping an address!

How to send a gift notification via email or text:

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Gifting, when done right, can create a personal bond that mends the gap between physical and digital relationships. For more information feel free to comment below, head over to or email me directly at