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What is your Post-Conference Follow Up Strategy?

Conferences and networking events can be a goldmine for businesses. In just a couple of days, a professional can make connections that lead to new business relationships. However, conferences can be equally overwhelming--meeting hundreds, if not thousands of people, which is why the most important part of the conference happens after it’s ended.

How Fishbowl Created a Post-Conference Strategy Using Oparix

Fishbowl, a leading inventory management software company, recently attended the Scaling New Heights Conference and tapped Oparix to help develop a post-conference gifting strategy. Alexia Ferra, Co-Founder and CCO at Oparix, worked directly with Fishbowl’s Director of Strategic Partnerships to curate an awe-worthy gifting strategy for 35 attendees.

First, Fishbowl worked directly with our business unit to compile their list of recipients. Then, they segmented the list to craft a unique message.

Next, we helped curate a gift recommendation based on their gender, occupation, and budget. The female recipients received gold-potted faux planters, and the male recipients received a 6-in-1 pen tool that serves as a ballpoint pen, ruler, bottle opener, screwdriver, phone holder, and stylus. Awe-worthy for sure!

Finally, the whole gifting experience was fully branded to ensure Fishbowl remained top-of-mind throughout the unboxing process.

Gifting builds relationships and goodwill. It can also increase lifetime value through retention, yet it’s challenging to manage, keep track of, and tailor gifts to the unique tastes of each recipient. Oparix is an essential tool for professionals to create a personal and memorable experience, at scale, while still maintaining the element of surprise.

Customer Testimonial:

“We wanted to do something different for those partners, both existing and potential, with whom we spent the last 3 days getting to know. Everyone expects to get added to a generic email list following these conferences so when they received personalized follow-up gifts just days after returning to the office the response was better than we could have imagined. Almost every single one of the people we sent gifts to responded with not only a huge thank you but a follow up meeting request or commitment to continue our relationship. We won’t ever do conference follow-up another way”. Nate Flake, Fishbowl

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