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Why Receiving A Gift Should Be A Memorable Experience

Receiving a gift should be a different experience than ordering cleaning supplies from E-commerce retailers neglect to listen to consumers’ desires for a personalized shopping experience and instead, charge a fee of $5 to $10 for a stripped-down version of gift wrap that MIGHT include a poorly typed note on the gift receipt. The gift-giver feels taken advantage of and embarrassed, while the recipient is left dissatisfied.


Consumers want to provide an authentic experience for their recipients – but they want it easily and efficiently. They want the recipient to feel special by elevating a simple transaction into a heartfelt experience. They want the gift, the card, the wrapping and the bow, too.

With Oparix, you can send anyone a beautifully wrapped gift and a handwritten card in a matter of seconds.

Simply select a gift, pick a card, draft a message and you’re done. Each message is transcribed using a real pen while the gifts are carefully wrapped in Kraft paper, topped with wax-stamps, decorative vintage postage and a bow made of twine.