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Oparix lets you send actual presents, without needing the recipient's physical address!

Oparix enables you to send ACTUAL gifts without needing your recipient’s physical address. These days, it’s fairly common to want to send someone a present, but not have their current address on hand. Or, maybe you just want the ability to send someone a gift instantly. (Belated birthday gift-givers, this one’s for you!)
How It Works:
1. Select a gift on Oparix and begin the checkout process.
2. Before accessing the payment page, you will be prompted to select where you are sending the gift. Choose “THEIR EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER” which is the third option available. Enter your recipient’s email address and/or mobile number and complete the checkout process. 
3. Your recipient will be sent a notification from Oparix requesting them to submit their preferred shipping address.
Once your recipient has submitted their information, Oparix dispatches your gift directly to the recipient – yay!