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The Oparix Guide to Unique Gifts for Employees

man in an office with a sticky note on his forehead

If you’re a business owner, you likely recognize that none of your success would be possible without a dedicated team. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge your employees’ hard work every once in a while - whether it’s wishing them a happy birthday, honoring their work anniversary, or celebrating Employee Appreciation Day.

Sending your employees a gift can help keep the team motivated, improve retention rates, and create a more positive company culture. Last but not least, it’s just a nice thing to do for the people who keep your company cruising!

Here are a few unique gift ideas for employees to make your business that much better.

Health and Luxury

sea kelp and lavender bath salts

Botanical Bath Salt ($45)

There’s no better way to let your employees know you recognize their commitment to the cause than by pampering them with a gift from our luxury and wellness collection. Perhaps a jar of Botanical Bath Salts to relax after a stressful day at the office or a Spiked Glass Bottle to help them stay hydrated throughout the work week.

Just for Fun

small table tennis gift set

Table Tennis Set ($30)

All work and no play makes your employees dull boys and girls… and we all know how that ends. Encourage your team to kick back, relax, and enjoy life a little more with a unique gift for employees from our fun and games collection. Your key strategist might appreciate a Wooden Chess Set, while your top salesperson might like a Leather Golfer’s Journal to keep score while rubbing elbows on the links. And how can you go wrong with a Table Tennis Set?

For the Jetsetters

travel cocktail kit

Carry-on Cocktail Kit ($30)

Every now and then, your employees need to recharge their batteries by cashing in those vacation days. Nothing says you’ve approved their well-earned paid time off like a gift from our travel collection. If you really want to tell them you care, a classic leather backpack or leather duffel is a classy way to wish them bon voyage, while a Carry-on Cocktail Kit is the perfect way to say cheers. Or, ensure your employees truly turn off their phones and ignore their inbox with a copy of Away & Aware: A Field Guide to Mindful Travel.

At the Office

 leather travel mouse pad

Leather Travel Mousepad ($55)

An item from our office and tech gift collection can make your employee’s workplace experience that much better. For the loyal team member who’s been there since the beginning, a pair of LSTN Wood Headphones can finally give them a little peace and quiet. A leather mousepad, desk clock, or two-toned planter is a tasteful way to liven up any workstation.

Customize Your Employee Gift

A unique gift for your employee has a lot more impact if it comes from the heart, rather than simply coming from ‘corporate’. That’s why for just $5 extra, you can add a personalized message with a card to let your employee know just how much you appreciate their efforts. Plus, you can choose from five different handwriting styles and we’ll transcribe your message with a pen!

And when you send your gift with Oparix, we include free professional gift wrapping with every purchase. Your gift will be delivered in brown kraft paper, a bow of twine, vintage stamps, and a wax seal. So show your team you care and place your order today!