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Oparix Guide to Gifts for the Dad Who Wants Nothing

a dad with his son over his shoulders

Let’s face it: your dad can be one of the most challenging people to shop for. Whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday, the holidays – even a retirement party – it’s not unusual for Dear Old Dad to insist that he doesn’t want anything. And, sometimes, that means waiting until the last minute, stressing out over what to get the man who gave you everything – only to settle for another necktie or a new pair of socks.

Oparix is coming to the rescue. From tools to help him out in the yard to gadgets to get him going in the kitchen, we’ve served up some great gift ideas for the dad who wants nothing.

Gardening Gifts for Dad

car planters with plants inside

Auto Plants ($35)

Does your dad have a green thumb? If so, a unique item from our garden and tools collection could be your best bet. He might appreciate the usefulness of a Foodie Garden, a stylish kit that makes it easy to grow habanero, pepperoncini, and cayenne peppers. Similarly, the Can + Plant comes with everything you need to start growing your own plant. If he just needs a new set of tools, our Floral Gardening Fork and Trowel might just make his day.

Kitchen and Bar Gifts for Dad

coffee mug with bags of sample coffee

Coffee Sampler and Mug ($45)

If your dad is the go-to gourmet of the family, cook up something from our kitchen and bar collection! If your dad doesn’t make it too far out of bed without a cup of coffee, a classy Copper Coffee Pour-over Set could put some pep in his step, while a handsome charcuterie board could be the perfect option for the foodie father. And, if your dad likes the occasional Old Fashioned, you can’t go wrong with a golden cocktail shaker.

Funny Gifts for Dad

dice featuring food inspiration

Foodie Dice ($25)

When all else fails, the best gift ideas for the dad who wants nothing are the ones that will put a smile on his face. Pick out something from our funny and unique collection to give dad something he’ll never forget, like a Here’s Your Snack Platter, a Good Morning A-hole Coffee Mug, or a Get It Together Brass Comb.

Gifts for Dad’s Pet

mutella stuffed dog toy

Mutella Dog Toy ($20)

Still not sure about getting a gift for the dad who has everything? Then pass it on to dad’s best friend! Our pet gift collection features a variety of toys and accessories for Fido, including a Sushi Dog Toy, a Cotton Tug Toy – even some cool AF Bandanas.

Let Him Know You Care

Your dad is one of the most important people in the world, so let him know how much he means to you by adding a personalized message and a card to suit the occasion for just $5 extra. Plus, we’ll transcribe your message with a real pen!

No matter which of our gift ideas for the dad who wants nothing you choose, we’ll throw in free gift wrapping, featuring artisan kraft paper, vintage stamps, and a wax seal. Don’t forget – free shipping on all orders $75+!