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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Handwritten Card

Digital tools have made communicating with others easier but not necessarily more thoughtful. The average business professional receives over 26,000 emails per year, yet only seven cards within that same timeframe.

Receiving a physical, handwritten thank you note or letter these days feels special, but it also requires some work. You have to assemble all the pieces: paper, pen, the recipient’s address, an envelope and a stamp.

Fortunately, Oparix combines classic correspondence with modern convenience by making it easy, fun and affordable to send unique gifts and cards. Our cards start at $5.00 and that price includes the card, handwritten message, addressed envelope, stamp and delivery. And when a greeting card just isn’t enough, simply add a gift and we’ll handle the wrapping and delivery!

Our core mission as an organization is to make it possible to send real, pen-written notes and beautifully wrapped gifts with the same ease and convenience as sending a text or email.

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