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Customized Housewarming Gifts That Won’t Get Shoved Into a Closet

Housewarming Gifts

You know the feeling: You’re headed to a housewarming party with a gift in hand, only to wonder just how many hide-a-spare-key-fake-rocks they’ve already been gifted. A bottle of wine feels a little impersonal, and a new lawn mower seems a bit… excessive.

We’ve got a list to help you overcome this common conundrum. Read on for a few customized housewarming gifts that won’t get shoved into a closet!

Kitchen Supplies

wooden charcuterie

You simply can’t go wrong with a stylish addition to the new kitchen. A new set of cocktail tools can get the housewarming party started, or a cool new coffee table book can add a little color to their half-empty house.

Say cheese with a hip wooden charcuterie cheese board and knife, or start their day off right with a beautiful copper coffee pour-over tool.

Framed Photo of the Home

Here’s a no-brainer: a framed photo that captures a fond memory. If your friend or family member is moving from one house to another, a framed picture of their previous home could be a nice way to hold on to that memory while making the transition a little bit easier. It’s a customized housewarming gift that’s simple yet thoughtful.

Sage Incense

sage incense

Make sure your friends are starting their new homeownership journey on the right foot – and with positive energy! Burning sage incense helps to cleanse the surrounding air of negative vibes and welcome good energy into the home.

The aroma also reduces your stress response, so even if the home already has good juju, you can alleviate some of the anxiety around unpacking those moving boxes!

Don’t Forget the Little Ones

While everyone else is looking for a customized housewarming gift for the homeowners, you can give some love to the little ones – the pets, of course! We have an extensive collection of colorful, unique toys for dogs and cats, as well as fun apparel for pet owners.

Put Your Name On It

If you’re going through the trouble of sending a gift, don’t forget the card! We have a curated collection of stylish housewarming cards that you won’t find anywhere else – all for just $5 extra. You can add a free message, choose a handwriting style, and we’ll transcribe it with a real pen for that personal touch.

Turn Their House Into a Home

Help your friends turn their house into a home with a unique housewarming gift from Oparix. Free gift wrapping is included with every purchase, so once you’ve picked out a winning customized housewarming gift, let us take care of the rest: we’ll expertly wrap your gift in artisan kraft paper, add a bow of twine, vintage stamps, and a wax seal – and send it to their new address.

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